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China's sky, will say goodbye to the fog haze, present how beautiful the blue!
The weather gets colder, fog comes。With a unique humorous ridicule on the Internet: Chinese citizens after a few hours of breathing, air quality improved slightly at last.New citizens spirit was born, "thick DE fog, self-improvement don't suck, haze head hard, make further!"It has been proved once again that: the fog to suck for you!
City state at present: the dog for a walk does not see the dog, the dog rope in hand, see the rope invisible hand, dog before I go.
Just listen to the radio, there is a call drivers communicate with the host.Almost cried, said nima fog is too big, in the street below to see the traffic light is red light, driving all eight even ran a red light。How can it do?Host comfort said it's okay, fog is too big, monitor and take your license plate number。
In fact, always thought that Beijing haze, after an APEC meetings, and a big parade, limit the part of the traffic, the sky was a surprisingly APEC blue and blue the parade.
Fog there may be many reasons, automobile exhaust emissions must be an important reason.So, the country began promoting zero tailpipe emissions of electric vehicles.
Towards winning try driving an electric car, only once is overturned my concept of vehicle driving.Throttle a trample, wrong, should be to switch a trample, electric cars such as the arrow left, "ceng" to a sound blaster。Zero to one hundred kilometers of the car speed up less than five seconds, you have not "TuiBei feeling", but never had the "heart".Little heart was not ready to speed, the stay in the air...Switch a loose, electric car seems to automatic braking generally, speed down rapidly.How much you want to loosen the switch speed after the fall, can be adjusted according to your driving habits.Because, on the right side of the dashboard central position, is a big computer screen.Wireless Internet, sitting on a seat, like sat in the front office computer, this computer is connected to a mobile phone, outside the car through the mobile phone can complete many of electric control...
As li shufu of geely has said, "the car is sofa and four wheels".Today, the electric car is "Internet terminal with four wheels。"The best electric cars in the world, is not even car factory production, but the Internet companies.It is said that "Google" also started production of electric cars。

Of course, in addition to the sofa and four wheels, cars and other intestinal intestines belly of the broken pieces.And electric cars, no matter how perfect is inseparable from a "standard" - charging pile.
A you calculate a bill, according to the internal combustion engine car every hundred kilometers eight liters of fuel, electric power consumption per hundred kilometers need to 20 degrees。The average gas station come on every day SiWuShiDun, converted to power consumption requires a small power plant power supply.Calculate, a long narrow table how many thousands of miles of highway gas station?If the electric car popularity, how much is going to build a power station?!
The bill, let the oil tycoons sureness.They to the electric car pie mouth smiled contemptuously, safely off to play golf again.
Friend bought an electric car, from Shanghai back to guangzhou is not open electric car, but rent a big truck to ship electric vehicles to be back.For thousands of kilometers of the highway, hasn't been able to plug in dying charging pile。Electric car drivers, every time travel must be charging pile distribution along the "strategy", otherwise, one not careful it may on the way, "PaWo".
Another friend to buy a car recently, toward the victory enthusiastically recommend electric car, for he friend smiled politely, bought a gasoline engine car, happy to join the army of exhaust emission pollution in guangzhou!
See on the net, Japan has developed and produced hydrogen car。And claims that, after two hundred and thirty, production of internal combustion engine car thoroughly.
In fact, hydrogen as a clean energy of human ultimate, would have to be the concern of the Chinese and foreign scientists。Produce hydrogen is not difficult, difficult is the hydrogen compression, storage, transportation, loading and unloading.And more than ninety percent of the cost is spent on pressure storage handling and security, hydrogen cars in Japan, is hidden inside a compressed hydrogen tank.Of course, but also set up necessary for the hydrogen car filling stations.
Once, toward the victory in an interview in shantou, friend incredibly open electric car, ran to the more than four hundred kilometers from shantou to look for me。The wins the first sentence is, a charging pile nearby?Friends laughed, don't seek charging pile, I bring the charging treasure。He from the box after electric machine, the size of a suitcase to carry out a bucket of methanol to water, plug in the electric vehicle charging electric vehicle charging, marked the charge normal green light began to shine.
Friends, this is mobile hydrogen production from methanol water engine。Methanol water hydrogen power directly, hydrogen storage handling "pressure" link, be omitted completely!
The wins and unable to evaluate the significance of this technology.Will have a further understanding of, know a general principle: using methanol water moving hydrogen production, and then combine with hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen can be instantly get people need all kinds of water power, thus forming a new hydrogen.This kind of power equipment is safe and convenient, real-time, modular, high efficiency, wide application, more resources, the characteristics of the zero emission, mute.
This is a guangdong private technology companies, called "together for a quick" more than a decade of research and development of research results。For a quick, methanol water and fuel cell is to a close, instant get hydrogen power。Their patent application and authorization of both at home and abroad more than 160, according to the technology has been successfully developed the high purity hydrogen machine, mobile communication base station standby power, water, hydrogen fuel cell power modules, car charging treasure, off-grid hydrogen charging pile, water burn oven, etc。
I have been in "the observation" column wrote a "water", the inventor Dr To China is to introduce the company.Interested in mights as well find a read on the Internet.
Happened, had a friend named Xie Jun, is made biomass energy, a professor of south China agricultural university, I give professor xie said the methanol power generation project, he immediately said methanol has been obtained from the straw and waste biomass of mature technology.The contact to China to meet with Xie Jun wins, two people hit, hit it off, another "together for a quick"!
The daydream, if water hydrogen generator with modular assembled into small megawatt power plant, to provide remote mountainous areas and poor areas with light and power;If electric vehicles on the road to have water hydrogen charging pile anytime and anywhere;If a new generation of water hydrogen electric vehicles first appeared in China on the road;If the power of cities and community power supply is given priority to with water hydrogen;If water hydrogen power as China's main clean energy...China's sky, will say goodbye to the fog haze, present how beautiful the blue!
This is not a distant dream.


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